ESENSEE – Eco Social Economy Network South and East Europe



  • Establishment of the “ESENSEE” network (members identification, members’ training needs analysis and implementation of training programmes, website design and development)
  • Establishment and promotion of the Academy for creative eco-social Leadership (Academy registration, design of training and educational programmes, call for scholarships and implementation of Pilot training programme for eco-social leaders)
  • Establishment of the Project Incubator for eco-social economy development (provision of on-line services)
  • Communication and dissemination (PR activities)

FUNDING BODY AND PROGRAMME: EC “IPA–Socio-Economic Partnership” Programme
IMPLEMENTATION PERIOD: December 2010 – November 2012


  • CROATIA: Healthy City – Lead Partner
  • CROATIA: Slap
  • SERBIA: Grupa 484
  • MACEDONIA: ORT-Training for Sustainable Development
  • KOSOVO: Little People of Kosova