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Consorzio LIGHT

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Marco Sbarra

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Michele Bellosguardo

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Elpendù - Consortium of social cooperatives

stemma elpenduCooperative member Founded in 1994 in Mola di Bari, Elpendù is a consortium of social cooperatives, able to satisfy the emerging society's needs, particularly those of people at risk of social exclusion. Location: Mola di Bari, Italy Web site:

Municipality of Mola di Bari

stemma mola di bariCooperative member It is a local public administration located in the southern Italian region of Apulia. Location: Mola di Bari, Italy Web site: Its projects of investment, partly financed by specific national and Community Programmes, includes:
  • Project for Urban Reconstruction;
  • planning of the intervention for the restoration of the harbour;
  • feasibility plan for the coastal area of the town;
  • feasibility plan for the old town;
  • realization of the sewerage in the hamlet of Cozze and connection with the urban sewage works (financed by the CIP Interreg II);
  • Extraordinary maintenance works of the public green;
  • Works for the arrangement of a central garden;
  • Extraordinary maintenance works of the nurseries, primary and secondary schools of the town and their adjustment to the concerned norms;
  • Extraordinary maintenance works of an old palace;
  • Extraordinary maintenance works of the Municipal Theatre facade;
  • Restoration works of a nobiliary palace;
  • Restoration works of the second practicable lot of the Castle.
Furthermore, the Municipality of Mola di Bari has undersigned with many public and private bodies different protocols for the realization of the following interventions:
  • Theatre Association "La Casa dei Doganieri", for the restoration of an abandoned industrial site, the previous tan-house Mangini aimed to dedicate it to accommodating facilities and for the organisation of cultural events and congresses;
  • Academy of Fine Arts of Mola, for the production of artisanal objects, aimed at promoting the labour integration and...

Municipality of Cerignola

stemmacerignolaPublic body in charge of managing the territory of the townof Cerignola, in the District of Foggia, Apulia region. Location: Apulia region, Italy Web site:


intecIntec was founded in 2002 treasuring the individual and multi-disciplinary experiences of a team of experts and business economists that studies, plans and realizes, in collaboration with the Customer, specialized and modular consulting services, thanks also to the collaboration with a wide network of professionals. The consulting services it provides range from Business Management (managerial guidance, business planning, management control and account rendering), to Process and Project Management (BPR, processes computerization, business protection, support to projects planning and development). Thus it guarantees solutions for the customers’ needs of innovation and changes required by the market, together with a rationalization of the company processes aimed also to the start-up of new business activities. The services are provided by means of tools such as Management by Objective and Problem Solving. INTEC collaborates with Universities, Public Bodies and SMEs at national and international level. Location: Bari, Italy Web site:

Alessandra Brescia

Cooperative member Support in transnational projects design and management.

Margarita Franja

Cooperative member