Members from Finland

City of Raahe

vaakuna RaaheCooperative member The city of Raahe, located in the Finnish region of Northern Ostrobothnia, through its development centre, implements evelopment strategies of team work between the municipalities of the region. Its workis also related to the execution and administration of the district centre, the regional supervision of trading and tourist services as well as the execution of regionalprogrammes and plans. Location: Raahe, Finland Web site:

Lapland University of Applied Sciences

The Lapland University of Applied Sciences (Lapin AMK) provides education for young people and adults leading to a Bachelor’s degree in the fields of business and administration, information communication technology, culture, technology and engineering as well as health care and social services. In addition the UAS gives education in degree programmes aiming at a Master’s degree in the fields of business administration, technology and engineering and health care and social services.

Knowledge of northern conditions is a basic part of our life.

Our teachers and RDI professionals are experts in innovative research and development having extensive experience in business life.

We don’t run development projects just for our own good. First and foremost they benefit other entities; companies, associations and organisations of the public sector.

A successful development project may be a weapon for a new breakthrough.

The most significant providers of our financing are the EU and Business Finland – the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation.

About 25 percent of our projects are international.

Location: Kemi, Tornio, Rovaniemi, Finland


Vocational Adult Education Centre of Raahe "Raahen Aiku"

Raahen Aiku logo 263pxThe Vocational Adult Education Centre of Raahe "Raahen Aiku" offers both local and national educational services. Its wide range of vocational education programmes is planned to meet the challenges of today's working life. The training programmes for adults include a variety of basic and vocational courses, courses preparing for a special vocational degree or training intended for maintaining and developing professional skills. Location: Raahe, Finland Web-site: The activity fields of the school are:
  • business and administration
  • cleaning services
  • immigrant training
  • information technology
  • metal industry
  • logistics
  • orientation training
  • social and health care
  • security training and house construction
Teachers at Raahen Aiku have extensive experience in the practical work of their own subject, in addition to knowledge in adult pedagogy. One main goal is to further personalise education - to offer a more individualised and instructive approach to learning by taking advantage of the latest developments in the field of adult pedagogy. Raahen Aiku offers also training services to companies with the aim to improve its customers’ competitiveness. Contact information: Vocational Adult Education Centre of Raahe P.O. Box 59 FI-92101 RAAHE FINLAND tel. +358 40 700 7170 fax +358 8 439 3192 [email protected]

OAKK – Oulu Adult Education Centre

oakk2v engIt’s a vocational training centre that offers adults opportunities to learn and grow as an employee, entrepreneur, expert, and as a human being. It is a limited company owned by the city of Oulu that hosts about 7300 students/year. The OAKK know-how areas are: Business and Trade, building maintenance technology, heating and ventilation technology, cleaning services, electrical engineering, health and social care, restaurant services and tourism industry, safety and security, etc.It organizes also training for immigrants and tailor-made education and training for companies and individuals seeking to develop their professional competences. Location: Oulu, Finland Website:

Northern Community Support Centre PYRY

pyryCooperative member Belonging to the Centre of Social Enterprises "Meijeri", The Norther Community Support Centre PYRY is an organization for team work among association of Northern Finland. Its main activities are related to planning and offering financial services and training for communities. PYRY is is a member of the European Social Cooperative ESCOOP to represent its members' associations and as a connection to the NGO organisations in the Raahe region. Location: Raahe, Finland  

Jani Grönroos

Cooperative member (natural person) Advisor in field of social economy and NGOs establishment and management. Experience in designing and management of European and local projects. Vice Chairman of ESCOOP.